Monday, February 28, 2011

Long time between posts...

I can't believe how quickly February has flown by! At least orientation is over for another semester at work and hopefully I will be able to catch my breath.

The last few months have seen me take a bit of break from my crafting so that we could get back into the reno's on our little post war home. It's hard work and demanding whilst working full time but very rewarding. We have just finished off the study which you can see below. It is amazing what a coat of paint (and little demolition) can do for a room.



We are now moving into the second bedroom where I have become one with the wallpaper steamer. I can't wait to get it finished but it will be a little while yet.

I have not completely stopped all crafty stuff and I have been working on a few things for the April Suitcase Rummage. Hopefully by then I will be back in full market swing. Here's a sneak peak...

Thanks so much to you all that are reading my little blog I really love sharing a little part of my world with you:)


  1. your little home looks gorgeous...what a great project! loving the cushions. see you in april...good luck with the wallpaper (pics?)

  2. Hey I am really liking your new study. Looks amazing and would be a great place to get creative... Now I want to work on my study, to bad it is full to the brim with stuff.