Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Market goodies...

Here are a few images of the lovely items I bought from Perpetual One on my market trip I detailed yesterday. I fell in love with these old bottles and jars. I can't wait to get some flowers to fill them with.

I also could not resist the beautiful bunting made from vintage hand embroidered napkins. The butterfly detail and colour is divine. The bunting was a steal at only $26. All photos have been taken with my new camera.I'm just loving how well it works in low light, especially considering our recent lack of sunshine.

I hope you have a lovely day despite the fact that you may be back at work like me.


  1. just lovely. that bunting is just divine! thanks for sharing all of your treats and giving us a heads up on perpetual one. :)

  2. Ho so pretty!!! The markets look so cool have to make some time to go up and seethem when it is not raining. We picked up some jars like that this weekend at the loagn smart tip, there was boxes full of them. But there ll need cleaning.

  3. Hello - thanks for coming to see us! I loved seeing these pics of your jars and the bunting too. It is such a buzz to see 'old things' find new homes and for their stories to continue...

    Cheers G x