Monday, October 18, 2010


I just thought I would share a few shots I took over the weekend. After a huge few weeks of rain, Brisbane woke to a beautiful weekend. We were lucky enough to have hundreds of little surprises waiting outside in lawn once the rain had cleared...

I think(?) they are lily's planted by the previous owners. I have never seen them actually flower.

I also finally had the chance to take some pictures of my new Olivetti typewriter. I was lucky enough to come across this beauty in my travels last week and I'm happy to report it still works perfectly. I could not resist finding the theme song to Murder She Wrote on You Tube and then sitting down to type away (yes i really am that sad! ). There is something so therapeutic about typing away on these old machines and being able to leave little notes for my husband to stumble across.


  1. So beautiful. I want a typewriter. Where did you find this beauty? In an op shop?

  2. I found this one at an antique Shop. I have never been lucky enough to come across one in all my years of opping. It was a little bit more than my usual buys but pretty reasonable considering it is still in working order :)