Friday, August 27, 2010

and now back to our regular programming...

No I have not been lying in a gutter somewhere or dropped of the edge of the planet but I have in fact been on a much needed holiday. We have been down in Melbourne for the last couple of weeks soaking up the city and enjoying all the culture it has to offer. In all the haste and stress of getting ready to leave I managed to neglect my little blog and those who have been so nice to have been reading my ramblings.

I hope to bring you some great pictures in the coming weeks of all the crafty goodness that I saw and discovered while down in old Melbourne Town. I have a little project in the works based on my travels which I hope will be finished shortly. It should be a busy week next week, back to work and getting all set for the always brilliant Suitcase Rummage on Sunday the 5th of September at King George Square.

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