Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I'm so excited...

and i just can't hide it!

The Suitcase Rummage is this Sunday! If you happen to be in Brisbane please stop by and say hello from 12 noon. I'm sure as always there will be lots of great handmade and vintage items on show. I have been busy making lots of Mo's on sticks (just like the ones on the new poster) and other fun stuff which will be available on the day.

I will hopefully post some pics of what will be available in the coming days.


  1. Yay, You will be there, I signed up for this one, should try and set up next to each other, What time will you be getting there? I sent a message to the girls making a suggestion about grouping all the hand made and artist together so we don't get lost in all the second hand stuff, but as usually they never got back to me, kinda annoying when they don't reply 2nd time they have done that.

  2. looking forward to seeing your handmade delights this sunday!

  3. Hi Dominique I will be getting there by about 11am to set up. It gets busy so quickly these days. Hopefully we can sent up in the same place in the shade near the cafe. I have a friend from work coming for the first time to sell her handmade wares and she is happy to set up with us.

    Thanks Esther I look forward to seeing you there :)