Sunday, August 1, 2010

Flea Market Finds.....

This week we took a quick trip down to the Chandler markets to pick up some food but as always I could not resist a look in the Trash and Treasure section.

I came across this box sitting on the ground next to one of the stalls and thought I would have a bit of a look. It looked like a chess set or maybe a backgammon game but after opening it I discovered this....

I'm not sure exactly what is but it looks like some kind of artist painting kit. The metal sheet is removable and there are plenty of nifty compartments. It is just what i needed for my market stall to display my magnets and gift tags. I can't wait to break it out next Sunday at the Rummage. All pretty good for $10.
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  1. Wonderful suitcase and with the metal lid I imagine that your magnets will stick to it - how convenient is that!!!

  2. it's amazing! i was googling at it at rummage. you've put it to great use and it was lovely to meet you today.